27/09/2011 by cc_admin

About Coco Solo & Buena Vista

Coco Solo is located near the Free Trade Zone of Colon and the Manzanillo International Terminal in Colon, Panama. More than 400 families live in the area, which was formerly a US naval base (founded in 1918). The Panamanian government began to move local families to the old base, particularly the barracks, in the 1980s, after their homes were destroyed by fire. Initially, the housing was meant to be temporary. However, more than thirty years have passed and the same families remain in now crumbling facilities. Community members lack standard living conditions such as running water, basic healthcare services, stable electricity, and clean public space for their children to play in. Due to the expansion of the ports in Colón, the community is being relocated to Buena Vista in government-developed single family housing units. Nearly half of all families moved in 2013. The remaining families are expected to move in 2016, pending completion of the government housing project. Cambio Creativo has been alongside the community through this transition.

The community of Coco Solo.


The community of Buena Vista.