30/05/2012 by cc_admin

May 2012 | Recycled Caps Mural | Donna Conlon

Making such a beautiful mural with a group of 20+ kids through a democratic process was quite the accomplishment. First we collected large amounts of caps and separted them by color. Then we had a drawing and design session to chose the idea that the mural would represent. After several voting sessions, a house won (a very important theme for all Coco Solo residents who will sooon be moving away). The fun part was placing and removing the caps to explore different shapes, colors, and combinations. The sun, clouds, bus, and the interior decoration changed many, many times! Once most agreed on the design, it was transfered to a piece of plywood and the final details were added. The mural evolved throughout the week-long workshop and the result was truly impressive. The participating youth was very excited about their work of art but we were even more excited — they proved they are capable of teamwork while participating in a highly democratic process!