24/07/2012 by cc_admin

June 2012 | Soccer League | Michael Brown

This workshop was developed by the community itself and specifically by the youth of Coco Solo. Co-director of Cambio Creativo, Pastor Michael Brown saw a huge need to get the young adults involved in Cambio Creativo programming. What did they have a desire to participate in? Along with the young adults, Pastor Brown helped facilitate the organization of Coco Solo’s first soccer league. Each team that signed up had a to find a patron to donate the uniforms and they all did so very successfully. Not only does the soccer league provide positive activity for those involved, it also provides positive entertainment for those who come every Sunday to watch the games. We all hope this soccer league tradition can continue through the years and only get bigger and involve more participants as time goes on. Everyone looks forward to sunday’s games and August 19th we will all enjoy the Coco Solo soccer league finals.