24/09/2012 by cc_admin

August 2012 | Sculpture Arts | Rose Cromwell

This workshop was inspired by both the Taller Portobelo Congo Painting, as well as Donna Conlon’s Bottlecap Workshop. The youth revel in being given the challenge to create something beautiful out of everyday objects, especially ones that were originally intended to be trash. We first collected discarded plastic soda bottles and glued them together. The kids learned how to Papier-mâché and we covered the bottles. Then we painted them, covered them with mirrors, glitter, colored string, and tops of bottles that we had converted into flowers. This activity taught them that despite having little resources and only simple supplies, if they use their creativity, beautiful pieces of art can be made . This activity is a metaphor that we relate to and want to teach the kids. Even starting from nothing, as long as there is a vision and a wide open imagination, anything is possible.