20/03/2013 by cc_admin

February 2013 | Book Binding | Estudio Nuboso

We have been long awaiting a book binding workshop at Cambio Creativo. We were so happy to welcome Ela Spalding of Estudio Nuboso to come to our community center to lead a workshop on book binding. Carefully following instructions from Ela, the youth learned how to punch holes into the paper materials, sew the pages together in a Japanese binding, and correctly sign the book.
The participants loved leaving the workshop with a finished product in hand, and learned not only can they read and enjoy books, but now they have the skills to make them too. We hope to collaborate with Estudio Nuboso again in the near future to continue to learn more binding techniques.  We would love our students to become well-known Panamanian book-binders and to market their wares worldwide!