17/09/2013 by cc_admin

August 2013 | Computer Literacy | Misha Tepinsky

Misha Teplitskiy arrived just in the nick of time to give a computer workshop to the students of Coco Solo! With the car packed full of new desktop computers, monitors, keyboards, and laptops, Misha, a sociology PhD students at the University of Chicago, headed to Coco Solo.  Misha started by helping the Cambio Creativo team to set-up the computers so that they all had the proper electrical input and software.  He then worked with the older students to teach them basic word processing skills on the computer.  He created a questionnaire that both taught computer skills and helped the students to develop future resumes and cover letters.  For example, the questionnaire asked, “What is your dream job?” “What skills do you have for that job?” “Do you know someone who has your dream job?” The goal of this workshop was to get the students to think about their professional goals and what steps they need to take to achieve these goals, while also learning valuable word processing skills.  Misha left the team with 5 more workshops where the end result is a complete resume and cover letter for each student.  We are very thankful to Misha for helping us to provide the students with these valuable life skills.

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