03/04/2014 by cc_admin



In the Coco Solo Community, seeing the need to help the youth and continue with a positive change, we have gathered a group of young people that we consider, have great potential to influence the others in their circles, with the support of all the people that make up the Cambio Creativo team.

We have been meeting, after school, with a group of 12 young people every thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. since February 10th.

The objective is to work with necessary subjects for the personal training, instilling values and practical advice to coexist and to know how to deal with real life around us. We know that it is necessary to educate the young, so that when they are adults, they don’t stray from the correct path. We have decided on a name for the youth group that identifies us and it is: JOVENES LUCHADORES. We decided on this name after several votes, with the objective of identifying ourselves with the daily struggles that each and every one of them has to confront to get ahead in life, most do not have the economic resources to be able to study and reach their dreams of becoming a professional.

Now, every member is creating a logo that represents de name we have chosen and on the next meeting, we will vote for the best one

We are all very motivated and we want to train them with the knowledge and necessary tools for them to:

-educate other young people and also become part of this new iniative of change
-be able to satisfactorily develop themselves intellectually as well as in other comprehensive formation areas
-represent the Community and the Foundation and
-be able to make correct desicions wherever life leads them.

Jesús Blanco
Cambio Creativo