04/06/2014 by cc_admin

May 2014 | Andreas Orejuela | Rhythm Workshop

Andreas Orejuela led this introductory 2 days workshop titled:  Nuestros vasos están llenos con los Ritmos de la Historia (Our plastic cups are full of historic rhythm). First he led basic playing of instruments with the students to see their skill levels and get a sense of where their musical interests lie. They jammed with drums, guitars and even taught Andreas about some of their own favorite songs. During the next day he brought cups to use as instruments. He practiced rhythm and writing music. Instead of writing actual notes, he wrote D= Derecha or I= Izquierda on the board to a particular rhythm for the student to follow along. By the end of the class they had created a full song, with interactive movement and changing of hands and sides of the cups to make a complete rhythm. Andreas has since returned almost every monday to conduct rhythm workshops in preparation for the upcoming field trip to La Escuelita del Ritmo in Portobelo.