31/07/2014 by cc_admin

July 2014 | La Escuelita del Ritmo | Field Trip to Portobelo & Visit to La Escuelita del Ritmo

Twenty kids from Coco Solo, along with Mikey, Orlando, and some of the parents learned about the history, cultures and the importance of Portobelo. We also received a guided tour from the older students of La Escuelita. Together, we were able to visit La Iglesia de San Felipe, Fuerte San Geronimo, and Bateria Santiago. The dance Professor, Jairo Esquina, led a dance taller, and the kids from Coco Solo were encouraged to show off their new moves to live music. The percussion Instructor, Heraldo Eusebio De Hoyos also led an interactive rhythm taller, and the kids learned more about the many different instruments they heard. After both tallers, the students from La Escuelita performed a small concert for the kids. Finally, the day ended with a jam session, and the kids from Cambio Creativo were able to share some of their Congo routine. Lorena and Efrain Sanchez graciously offered to provide lunch for the group, and we sent them a hand-made thank-you card signed by all of the kids from Coco Solo. The kids we very well-behaved, and I think they really enjoyed themselves. I’m hoping that we can continue to build our partnership with La Escuelita. The director of the program even mentioned that he would be interested in teaching some of the students from Cambio Creativo once a week, if we could somehow arrange transportation. -Stephanie Tutak (Intern Teacher)