19/08/2014 by cc_admin

Community Development

14878368038_6e726e27b0_k Cambio Creativo’s community development program encompasses a variety of activities and focus areas. Our organization serves as a bridge between community members and employment, training, nutritional, recreational, housing and alternative educational opportunities. Currently, we connect youth over age 18 with job trainings and employment opportunities. We are also cultivating a group of youth who are participating in entrepreneurship workshops and a leadership development initiative called Jóvenes Luchadores. Additionally, we offer a supplemental nutrition program three days a week in Coco Solo for students participating in the after-school program as well any resident who needs a plate of food. Recently, we partnered with Courts for Kids to build a multi-purpose basketball court with the Buena Vista community and students from the University of Oregon. As the Coco Solo community transitions from the barracks to housing units in Buena Vista, Cambio Creativo has served as a community advocate in meetings with government officials. Once the move to Buena Vista is finalized, we will continue working with the Coco Solo community as well as surrounding neighborhoods to continue offering our services and programs. Because our main goal is to provide the community with tools and resources to fulfill their basic needs and pursue opportunities for growth and improvement, we hope to implement a microfinance program in the next five years.