07/11/2014 by cc_admin

Educational Program

beatriz-students-dance Cambio Creativo believes in the power of education and its lasting effect on individuals, communities, and societies. Currently we offer after-school education to a cohort of 24 students in Buena Vista and Coco Solo between first and sixth grade. We specifically focus on math and literacy reinforcement, as well as ensuring that students understand and complete their homework. Students also participate in workshops covering a variety of topics, including computer skills, art, music, storytelling, sports, farming techniques, history and geography. These workshops led by professional educators, scholars, and volunteers from Panama and abroad promote cross-cultural exchanges, personal empowerment, experiential education, and community service. Students who participate in the after-school program also receive supplemental nutrition and are invited to participate in youth empowerment and development initiatives. Cambio Creativo also offers small stipends to eligible students to help cover costs associated with their higher education needs, including registration fees and transportation costs.