23/04/2015 by cc_admin

The school year that seemed to never start

By Beatriz Abre, Cambio Creativo teacher

At the beginning of the school year, many children in Coco Solo are abuzz asking themselves, “Who will be my new teacher?” and “Will I meet new friends?”; while many others ask “Will I even go to school?”

The excitement overcomes many of the students, but there are other children waiting for an opportunity just to enter a classroom. Among those are three pre adolescent girls whose school years have been unstable: one year they’d go, the other year they didn’t. This was their reality.

They saw the school year arrive without hope that they would attend. It wasn’t until they started to participate in our afterschool program that they shared their dreams to go to school.

Immediately, we facilitated conversations with the school administrators, opening the way for these three low-income girls to be able to reach their dream: an education.

It was for them a great satisfaction to see their dreams become reality on April 6th, they walked to the new school and said to their neighbors and friends, “I am in school!”. The joy was reflected in their faces and in their spirit.

We feel satisfied that this was accomplished and we are thankful to those that helped to make the dream of these three girls going to school a reality.