Become a Cambio Creativo Partner

When you become a partner of Cambio Creativo, your monthly contribution, whichever size it may be, goes a long way. Monthly donations allow us to continue our programming in Coco Solo and prepare for our move to Buena Vista. Get in touch and support creative change!

Design an Educational Course

As part of our commitment to creative and meaningful education, Cambio Creativo has also begun a continuing education program for teenagers and young adults in the community. If you are interested in organizing a continuing education course or know someone who would be, please let us know!

Join Our Teacher Internship Program

The Cambio Creativo Internship supports Cambio Creativo’s after-school program, and is designed for volunteers who want to gain experience in service-learning and teaching in a cross-cultural program. Learn more and be part of our growing team!

Organize a Workshop

In addition to the after-school program, Cambio Creativo offers fun and interactive monthly workshops for the youth of Coco Solo and increasingly, the community of Buena Vista. Find out how you can share your talents with the youth of Cambio Creativo!