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October 2015 – CRUC Colón Volunteer Workshops

Two student-volunteers from CRUC of Colón visited for two days to facilitate a workshop in singing and drama. Additionally, they used technology to teach math and Spanish, and offered food to all of the children who participated.


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September 2015 – UNAN Volunteer Workshop

UNAN students Aillel and Evelin put together an exciting workshop with the theme “September: Month of the Bible.” They played games, read books, and provided educational materials and food to the youth in attendance. The workshop ended in a party.

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August 2015 | GO! Project, ExD & Isaac Villaverde | Youth Entrepreneurship

We recently established another partnership with the Panamá GO! (Global Opportunities) Project fellows, Emprendedores por el Desarrollo (ExD) and Isaac Villaverde, founder of the cultural and culinary movement La Tapa del Coco, to conduct a series of entrepreneurially-focused workshops. For the first session, the kids were split into two groups to start developing a project in preparation for the upcoming Entrepreneurs for Development event the kids and Cambio Creativo will be a part of on September 19. The youth focused on identifying and expressing their strengths and brainstorming project ideas, while the younger kids learned basic business calculations and about Isaac’s La Tapa del Coco project.


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July 2015 | Amanda Gabster | Our Rights

During the second workshop with Amanda Gabster from CDNA, she focused on individual rights when it comes to health and well-being. During this session we did several role plays and skits about consent and how to express that no means no.


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June 2015 | Amanda Gabster | Health & Well-Being

Our friend Amanda Gabster from the Community Development Network of the Americas formalized an agreement with Cambio Creativo to conduct a series of workshops with Coco Solo youth focused on public health between June and October. This month Amanda talked to youth about their bodies and the changes that take place in the transition from child to adolescent. She also discussed on healthy intimate relationships and contraception options.


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February 2015 | Elias Santos Dubón & Jesús Blanco | Back to School (Literacy and Arts & Crafts)

With the new school year around the corner, we dedicated the month of February to activities to help the kids prepare. The first workshop we did was arts and crafts with yarn. We taught the kids to use yarn to design mini-kites with the color combination of their choice. This workshop helped them focus and concentrate, as well as provide the satisfaction of creating something from nothing. Afterward, we had a literacy and book-making workshop to reinforce reading and writing skills, an area of difficulty for many of the school-age Coco Solo kids. – Elias Santos Dubón and Jesús Blanco

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January 2015 | Elias Santos Dubón & Jesús Blanco | Promoting Creativity

During January we focused on promoting creativity with art and the written word through a series of workshops. The first activity was a drawing contest during which the children learned different kinds of techniques and applied their creativity through colored pencils and paint. The second activity involved writing poetry. The objective was to let their creative juices flow, coming up with original verses. This activity reinforced literacy and writing skills. The last activity was a songwriting workshop. Children wrote out their favorite songs and had the chance to perform them at the end.

– Elias Santos Dubón and Jesús Blanco


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December 2014 | Elias Santos Dubón | Holiday Cookies

On Wednesday, December 17 the organization hosted a holiday cookie workshop with Coco Solo youth and children. We used math to understand the cookie recipe, then the youth divided into three groups. Each group elected a leader to keep order and discipline as they made cookies. Seventeen youth participated in the workshop, preparing their own cookies and those for the younger children. Two mothers and 16 kids helped to decorate the cookies, utilizing their fine motor skills. The kids and youth tasted the cookies at the center and were able to take some home to share with their families. – Elias Santos Dubón


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November 2014 | Yamilka de Savage | Canvas Frames

Participants in this workshop learned to work with canvas and raffia ribbon to create their own picture frames. The students actively participated and followed instructions. The students carefully cut the canvas guided by a pattern, and proceeded to sew designs on the front of the frame. They then sewed the front and back together, leaving an opening to insert a picture. Approximately 30 students participated in the workshop. – Yamilka de Savage

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October 2014 | La Escuelita del Ritmo | Music & Art Scholarships

During the month of October, Cambio Creativo partner and friend, La Escuela del Ritmo, offered a series of music, art, and folkloric dance scholarships to students participating in the Jovenes Luchadores youth group. A little over 20 students were able to take advantage of these free classes, which offered some the chance to explore their interests and others the opportunity to improve their technique and skills. Since Portobelo— where La Escuela del Ritmo is located— is about an hour away from Coco Solo, Cambio Creativo provided the students with the opportunity to stay in Portobelo throughout their scholarship experience. Cambio Creativo is heartened by La Escuelita del Ritmo’s generosity in creating a unique and unforgettable experience for our Coco Solo youth. The students who participated already say they want to go back for more classes, and those who weren’t able to attend are asking to participate next year. We hope to turn this experience into a yearly event the students can look forward to and prepare for.


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